The Insurance Agent's Division, a division of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., exclusively offers the Protective Life and Concourse Financial Group Sponsored E&O Program as an agent of Markel American and provides administrative services that may include the following: program marketing, underwriting, policy management, billing, risk management and client services on its behalf.

As compensation for the services described above, Affinity receives a percentage of your paid premium as commission for marketing the program and for administrative services, plus a processing fee paid by you. For mid-term premium bearing coverage endorsements and renewal policies, Affinity is compensated at the same levels as the initial policy commission, unless we notify you otherwise.

Other than the commissions described in the preceding paragraph, Affinity will receive no other compensation from the insurer, and other then the fee described in the preceding paragraph, there will be no other fees or charges to you.

In addition, premiums paid by Clients to Affinity for remittance to insurers, Client refunds and claim payments paid to Affinity by insurance companies for remittance to Clients are deposited into fiduciary accounts in accordance with applicable insurance laws until they are due to be paid to the insurance company or Client. Subject to such laws and the applicable insurance company's consent, where required, Affinity will retain the interest or investment income earned while such funds are on deposit in such accounts.

Aon Corporation, our ultimate parent company, and its affiliates have from time to time sponsored and invested in insurance and reinsurance companies. While we generally undertake such activities with a view to creating an orderly flow of capacity for our clients, we also seek an appropriate return on our investment. These investments, for which Aon is generally at-risk for potential price loss, typically are small and range from fixed-income to common stock transactions. In such case, the gains or losses we make through our investments could potentially be linked, in part, to the results of treaties or policies transacted with you. Please visit the Aon website at for a current listing of insurance and reinsurance carriers in which Aon Corporation and its affiliates hold any ownership interests.

Contracts and Agreements

Aon Corporation's operating affiliates are parties to numerous agreements with many insurance and reinsurance companies, including companies from which our clients have purchased insurance or reinsurance. Please visit for more detail on these agreements.